Fox Island, Pacific Northwest


Cutler Awards 2003

IIDA Awards from the Puget Sound Section of the IESNA

This 4000 sf home on a sunny waterfront lot is an homage to wood, craftsmanship and collaboration. The clients had strong and often contrary views regarding many aspects of the design. We helped them fuse their differing opinions into what would ultimately become a well loved home for the clients and all their extended family.

The main structure is a traditional timber frame infilled with more contemporary architecture. This juxtaposition between the traditional and the contemporary is a subtle and constant theme throughout this warm and inviting home. We were involved from the beginning of the project, helping to site the structure, review and modify floor plans, design exterior and interior elevations as well as selecting finishes. Few furnishings were purchased for this home as furniture and other contents came from the client’s’ previous residence.

The home is organized off a main circulation spine. The public spaces were housed primarily under a high vaulted roof. We added shed dormers to bring in additional light and add more functional space to the upper floor.

This was a traditional way to modify the structure and soften the exterior. We also focused on the experiential aspect of the home by considering how one space flows to another. In the main areas, the ceiling soars above and transitions purposefully in the more formal or private spaces - we dropped the ceiling over the dining room to create a more intimate setting. This helps the acoustics of the room and it provides an opportunity to break with the more contemporary neutral palette from the main areas. We selected a rich complimentary color ‘merde d’oie’ which highlights the warm tones of the reclaimed fir and accentuates the clients’ historic family portraits.

There are stories for every room. The result is a home that epitomizes gracious island living in a timeless, contemporary farmhouse style.

ResidentialNatasha Wallis